Jeana Marinelli


Dynamic and deliberate growth experiences for you and your team.


Strengthen and develop your team.

Exceptional leaders invest in their people. Powerful leadership development speaks to the very best in us, meets us where we are, and pushes us to grow forward together. Harness the collective energy of your organization with an unforgettable learning experience.


“Jeana is one of the most thoughtful and intentional facilitators I have ever met. Every single detail is accounted for and every single individual matters. Jeana takes such great pride in her work and the tremendous privilege we have to collaborate with some of the most amazing leaders across the country.”

Constance Jones
Chief Executive Officer
Noble Network


Connect. Expand. Transform.

When I facilitate workshops, I create room to rise, space to sweat, and a chance to practice the skills that matter most to you and your team. We will deepen relationships, make connections, and have fun in a community that is:


Learner Centered

Each voice matters as a vital part of our learning experience. You and your team are at the center of your growth.


Action Oriented

We will be writing, speaking, collaborating and practicing together. There is not an option to passively listen or observe.


Growth Focused

We will focus on getting better (growth mindset) instead of being good (fixed mindset). Through a willingness to be open, take risks and embrace our mistakes, we grow together.


“Jeana takes her intentional planning and strategic thinking and makes it practical for adult learners. It’s a beautiful balance of theory with application, all while making sure the strengths you bring as a participant are front and center so you can leverage who you are with the new content you are learning!”

Pegah Taylor
Senior Director of Leadership Development
KIPP Texas Public Schools


Aligned to your goals.

When we partner to plan a workshop, we will identify the long-term behaviors that will drive meaningful change in alignment with your unique organizational vision, culture, and goals.


Tailored to your team.

I love getting to know you and your team so that we can champion and challenge each other with practical examples relevant to your work.


“Jeana pushed us to dig deeper when appropriate and gave us the room we needed to be vulnerable at our own pace.”

Yari Blanco
Senior Manager Culture + Diversity
The Wing


Let’s grow together.

Your need is unique. My workshops are, too. I offer professional development for every level of leader — from individual contributor to senior executive — in every setting, including retreats, conferences, year-long programs, and private events. Sample topics include:


Building and Owning a Culture of Feedback

Cultivating Leadership in Others 

Effective Adult Learning

First Class Noticers: Observing and Coaching for Leadership

Leading Change

Leading High-Performing Teams

Leading From Strengths

Leading Thriving Learning Communities

Leveraging Your Strengths as a Leader

The People We Mean to Be

The Science and Art of Managing Up

Understanding and Accelerating Your Impact


The room where it happens is the room you are in. Let’s change that room together.