The People We Mean To Be

A workshop series by Dolly Chugh and Jeana Marinelli

There is often a stark difference between the people we mean to be and the impact we have on those around us. In this session, we will explore how identity, unconscious bias, and systemic racism show up in our lives and in our work. We will use growth mindset to build the skills to engage, listen, reflect and identify steps we can take to build a more equitable workplace and world.

This workshop is based on the new book The Person You Mean to Be, by Dolly Chugh with foreword by Laszlo Bock. The book has been endorsed by Carol Dweck, Adam Grant, Angela Duckworth, Billie Jean King, Kenji Yoshino, Liz Wiseman and David Thomas.

NEW Conference 2019. Photos courtesy of Atlanta Event Photography.



Together, we will…

  • Articulate how growth mindset creates the conditions for individuals, teams and organizations to grow and flourish through challenges

  • Examine how unconscious and systemic biases operate in ourselves, our teams, our organization and the world around us

  • Notice in ourselves the behaviors and choices which interrupt the people we mean to be

  • Reflect and identify the actions that will help us move toward the people we mean to be




This workshop is an interactive learning experience that includes simulations, individual reflection, small group protocols and whole group discussion. Each section is designed to place learners at the center of their growth and value the voices of all individuals in the room. The People We Mean to Be is an immersive workshop that deliberately strengthens relationships through facilitation that is:

  • Action-oriented. Participants will be writing, speaking, collaborating and practicing throughout the workshop. There is not an option to passively listen or observe.

  • Growth-focused. We will focus on getting better (growth mindset) instead of being good (fixed mindset). Through questioning, listening and bold pushes, we will grow together.

  • Tailored and customized to your organization. People engage in learning and growth from a different perspective and set of experiences, which ultimately helps everyone grow. Through practical pre-work, we will align the workshop to your organizational culture and the specific needs of participants. Participants complete reading, a self-assessment, and the Implicit Association Test as pre-work.



In order to create a learning environment where every participant can take risks, be vulnerable, own mistakes and commit to growing in order to thrive, we make the following commitments to each other and to our learning:

  • Push ourselves to listen with the intention to learn

  • Welcome and honor each other’s truths

  • Challenge what was said, not the person

  • Embrace our own mistakes as part of growth and stumbling upward

  • Operate with a foundation of grace for ourselves and each other

  • Ask non-judgmental questions

  • Engage and stay in discomfort

  • Grow through the mess

  • Actively take responsibility for our own learning


Take the Next Step

If you're interested in bringing this workshop to your team or organization, please reach out and let me know. If you want to dive deeper on issues of identity, bias and oppression in a safe and confidential space, individual coaching may be a good match for you. Together we will move towards the people we mean to be.