High performers seek out people who see the very best in them, by folks who breathe life into their strengths, who animate their highest self into existence and who hold them accountable to be their best.

Coaching is both a partnership and a process that helps clients focus on getting better. I am driven by the fierce belief that growing ourselves will allow us to grow others, and ultimately lead teams, communities, and organizations where all people thrive and contribute to meaningful results. 



Throughout my career, I have built effective coaching partnerships that are:



You drive the agenda and choose what we talk about and what skills we practice. All calls are tailored to your unique context and your needs. 



We will regularly and rigorously unpack strengths and recent successes in order to see your highest self, and use this to drive your growth and accountability.



Our coaching will provide an effective model for the coaching, management and development of your teams. 



We will focus on getting better (growth mindset) instead of being good (fixed mindset). Through questioning, listening and bold pushes, we will grow together. We will practice the skills that matter most to you and your organization or company. 


Because coaching is a process, transformation takes time and requires a significant investment of time and energy and begins with the commitments we make to each other:



Coaching is a safe space to unpack thinking and take risks. All matters discussed are confidential and will not be shared.



Coaching calls are sacred and we are both ready on time.  In the event that a call needs to be rescheduled, the coach and client always give respectful cancellation notice of 48 hours and commit to rescheduling the call within 24 hours of the notice.



We agree not to be multi-tasking, messaging via phone or sending emails during coaching meetings.



Coaching calls often include a chance to practice the technical and adaptive skills, role play conversations or design specific plans.



We will end each conversation with consistent rhythms and questions that allow you to summarize insights, lessons, next step and share feedback. 

From our coaching, I see so much strength in my story. We’ve explored how aspects of my identity as a black woman from the south add to my strengths; it’s not a deficit. I am now able to own “this is who I am.” My identity gives me stronger perspective on the lives of people I work with and I am able to better impact my community. Jeana was not afraid to go there, and that’s where the real work started to happen. I realize I am no longer looking for a seat at the table, I already have one.
— Coaching Client

Take the Next Step

If you are ready to take ownership over your growth as a leader and make an investment in your impact, let’s set up a time to talk.  I’d love to hear your story.