Rigorous and engaging learning experiences speak to the very best in us, meet us where we are, and push us to grow forward together. 

When I design and facilitate group learning experiences, I create space for people to rise, space to sweat and a chance to practice the skills that matter most. I believe that high-quality, high-impact leadership development workshops are aligned to each client’s unique organizational vision, culture, and long-term goals. When we partner to plan a workshop, we will work together to identify the long-term behaviors that will drive the biggest change for your organization or initiative. We will tailor the workshop to support the implementation and thriving of your priorities through cycles of practice and feedback.



Across workshop topics, three things remain consistent in my facilitation:



I place learners at the center of their growth, and value each individual’s voice as a part of the learning experience.



Participants will be writing, speaking, collaborating and practicing throughout the workshop. There is not an option to passively listen or observe.



We will focus on getting better (growth mindset) instead of being good (fixed mindset). Through a willingness to be open, take risks and embrace our mistakes, we grow together. 




I offer workshops for every level of leader — from individual contributor to senior executive. Workshops range from four hours to two days. Sample topics include:

Understanding and Accelerating Your Impact

Leveraging Your Strengths as a Leader

The Science and Art of Managing Up 

Building and Owning a Culture of Feedback 

Leading High-Performing Teams 

Leading Change 

Leading From Strengths

Leading Strengths-Based Coaching

Cultivating Leadership in Others 

Effective Adult Learning 

Leading Thriving Learning Communities

First Class Noticers: Observing and Coaching for Leadership

The People We Mean to Be

Jeana is a master at demonstrating the power of authentic practice over preaching. Whether in a large group or an individual interaction, she encourages vulnerable, honest conversation with ease and provides ample opportunities to actually apply and reflect on practical strategies in real time. Her intentionality and attention to nuances truly sets her apart as a facilitator and coach.
— Workshop Participant

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